Gonzalo De Lara, Server at Rock & Brews

Crews gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives. At the end of the day, I made a real difference.”

Gonzalo De Lara, Server at Rock & Brews


Crews began as a family-owned business in 1972, evolving from a single airport greeting card shop in Newark into a national hospitality brand.

By partnering with local chefs and restaurateurs for each project, we can adapt more quickly and create solutions that are truly unique for each venue and market. We can operate at the same level as our major hospitality peers, and at the same time, provide a level of care for local operators that the conglomerates can never replicate.


Our Team

Bob Crews

Managing Partner & CEO

Responsible for overseeing the Company’s strategic direction. Founded Crews of California in 1994. Previously founded the Benjamin Company in 1972, an airport concessionaire operating 57 locations in 17 major U.S. airports. Over 45 years of airport concessions leadership.

  • Bob Crews

    Bob Crews

    Managing Partner & CEO

  • Debi Crews

    Debi Crews

    Managing Partner

  • David Husack

    David Husack

    Managing Partner & CFO

  • Nick Crews

    Nick Crews

    Managing Partner & President

  • Rob Crews

    Rob Crews

    Managing Partner & VP of Development

  • Rishi Nigam

    Rishi Nigam

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Husack

    Paul Husack

    Director of Financial Planning/Analysis

  • Gina Butler

    Gina Butler

    VP of Human Resources

  • Mort Marshall

    Mort Marshall

    VP of Construction

Past Employees Of The Month

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    TracyAnn Carby

    Airport Retail Management

  • Anil Patel

    Anil Patel

    Airport Retail Management

  • Sharon Lewis

    Sharon Lewis

    Lickety Split

  • Jason Le Compte

    Jason Le Compte

    Café Intermezzo

  • Mohammed Atif

    Mohammed Atif

    Capitol City Ink

  • Tizita Lakew

    Tizita Lakew

    Café Intermezzo

  • Albert Yepez

    Albert Yepez